Multi-Project Business Benefits from ProjectReporter

Success for any system is made up of people, process and tools. ProjectReporter's market is a stepping stone for organisations or teams on their way to Microsoft Project Server or for smaller organisations for whom Project Server is a step too far (because of cost or infrastructure limits). ProjectReporter is low cost, low tech, but still high added value. Key business benefits are:

  • Multi-project visibility to the organisation.
  • Central capture, management and reporting of (Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions (RAID) and change requests.
  • Automation of 80% plus of weekly and monthly project reporting.
  • Who Does What When reporting of each project.
  • Central control of Resource naming and calendar management for each resource (updating resource calendars in each proejct for annual leave etc.
  • Easy and safe (no file corrution risks) management and reporting of inter-project links.
  • Central storage (SQL Server or Microsoft Access) of all project reporting data (master data is still each project's .mpp file in Project). This brings all project data into reach of the business data warehouse or other reporting tools.
  • Low cost, low tech, high added value - maximum leverage of the 20% of effort for 80% of results in managing the data for multiple projects and leveraging readily available technology most organisations already have.
  • Reporting tools are easily administered by SQL Server administrators to add required data and remove unwanted data.
  • Easy to use and re-use reports in Excel (for example pivot tables using daily data from all schedules).
  • Master data in each project's .mpp file left untouched, so the .mpp files can be shared, emailed, updated remotely then returned.
  • View all reports for any project easily from Excel.
  • Reports in Excel get their data from Views in SQL Server which are easily customised by your database administrators.
  • Data from any custom field in Project can be exported to ProjectReporter and then used in any reports.
  • Leverage the reporting tools you already know and use on the ProjectReporter database (supports the low cost, low tech goals).
  • ProjectReporter makes an excellent stepping stone on your way to a full EPM software (such as Microsoft Project Server) implementation whilst you work on scheduling skills, process development and setting up or extending your Project Management office (PMO).
  • Easy to bolt on or customise new functionality such as Excel based timesheets that update your schedules automatically, S-Curves and more.
  • Supports automated governance of projects.
  • By automating project reporting, project managers are rewarded for updating and maintaining their schedules. They spend less time on admin work and get better value schedules: a win-win solution.
  • Easy interfacing to other line of business applications from timesheets to ERP systems.

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