Multi-Project Reporting Solutions

Once an organisation has more than a handful of projects running simultaneously, a variety of business issues crop up, such as:

  • Just what projects do we have running and what's their status?
  • How can I link my projects together with no risk of file corruption?
  • How can I report on Who Does What When?
  • Just what work do we have for the next 4 weeks?
  • How can we capture progress for projects and update their schedules automatically?
  • Weekly reporting is intermittent and takes way too much time. Can we automate at least 80% of weekly and monthly reporting?
  • The Board meetings require a specific report for key strategic projects. How can we create these reports from the project schedule automatically?
  • We need to integrate some of our project reporting into our existing business reporting processes. How?
  • We always seem to have too much to do and not enough people to do it. So what can we do?

None of these problems are unique. They can and are regularly being solved in many organisations. The trick is to develop the right processes to support the simplest and easiest tool set that gets the job done.

ProjectReporter works with Microsoft Project 2007 to 2013 copying data for reporting purposes into SQL Server in a format easily used for reporting with any reporting tools you have, including Excel.

What data is collected is easily changed without needing any code. Any version of SQL Server, including the free Sql Server Express is good. Microsoft Project, SQL Server and Excel - all you need for easy and effective project reporting. Oh, and perhaps a little help from us as well!

ProjectReporter is an ideal reporting tool for a Project Management Office (PMO).

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