Reset Assignment Units

In Project 2010 onwards, when editing Assignments, the units always reflects the original units entered or calculated. This is by design (but admittedly a short sighted design!)

For example, if you assign a resource for 20h over a week, Project correctly calculates units of 50%. But add an extra 10h of work for a new total of 30h and set task type to Fixed Duration then the new units should be 75%

Project 2010 leaves the units at a very confusing 50%. The ResetAssignmentUnits macro resets the units to [Assignment Remaining Work] / [Assignment Remaining Duration]

Click HERE to download a .mpp file with the macro. Its free.

Before opening the project file, make sure you enable VBA macros. To do this in Project 2010:

  1. Select File, Options, Trust Center
  2. In the Trust Center click the Trust Center settings button
  3. Select enable all macros. If your organization has one, you can add a security certificate and then reduce the level of macro security if wanted.

When you open the project file, an Auto_Open macro runs and asks if you want to copy the macro to your Global.Mpt file. If you click Yes a new Ribbon tab gets created and you can run the macro from it for all open files. You don't need to have the FormatDuration project file open.

However, if the new tab does not re-appear next time you open Project then it is likely your IT team have made the file where your Global.Mpt file lives read only, so the macro doesn't get saved. Either get them to temporarily make the folder read-write or get them to update the Global.Mpt file for you.

If you would like a custom version of the macro, or any other macro created for you then please contact us by clicking VBA Development

This macro is Copyright ACE Project Systems Ltd 2016.
Anyone is free to use this macro for personal use only and not sell it on.

If there are problems with the macro, please email.