Project VBA Book

Rod Gill has written the only book on Microsoft Project VBA. The book is structured as a self-paced workbook filled with working examples. Download all sample code.

VBA is the macro language that comes built in to Microsoft Project. It is also the reason why Project is potentially the most powerful scheduling tool of all. With VBA you can automate reporting and repetitive manual tasks, import and export data and add extra functionality to Project.

Second edition shipped in March 2011. The learn VBA modules have been removed from the edition 1 version but downloadable from our site. In addition, an introduction to writing add-ins for Project using Visual Studio (VSTO) is included.

Rod Gill presented a session at the 2009 Microsoft Project Conference in Seattle. Here are some of the slides explaining why Project VBA is such a powerful tool for all you budding Project Gurus out there.

  • A Project Guru is not just a power user
  • Project Gurus are great at managing and reporting on, project information
  • Data management and reporting is what makes VBA so useful and productive

Project VBA is a fantastic tool for manipulating data, adding new features to Project and for automating tedious tasks such as weekly reporting and much more. Click to download Rod's presentation from the Phoenix Project Conference 2009.

Microsoft liked the book so much they published two modules from it (with our permission of course) on MSDN HERE.

To get a copy of the VBA Programming for Microsoft office Project book:

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