VBA Macro Development

All Microsoft Office applications have a macro language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA can be used for many things: adding functionality, manipulating data, reading and writing to a database and much more.

ACE Project Systems provides VBA services for Microsoft Project, Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint. We can also write add-ins for these applications and help build and work with SQL Server databases.

VBA for any of the Office applications can control everything in all other applications: seamlessly. So if you need the power of Project and Excel combined, or Excel and Word then we can develop a solution for you.

Project VBA

Microsoft's Project for Windows is the most widely used project scheduling software available in the world today.  Rod Gill wrote the only book on Project VBA in the World and was asked to speak at the last Microsoft Project conference in Phoenix 2009 on advanced uses for Project VBA.

Project is a great tool for managing the information for your projects. Data management and reporting is what makes Project VBA so useful and productive.

If there is anything Project can't quite do that you need, it is very likely that a little Project VBA will meet your needs. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much can be achieved in just a few days.

VBA macros for Project available here (some free, some not but all let you get more done for less effort).

More on Project VBA macro development HERE.

Excel VBA

Excel is the world's best reporting and analysis tool. Rod Gill uses Excel VBA extensively for creating reports on projects either directly from Microsoft project or from databases. He is almost as good with Excel VBA as Project VBA!

More on Excel VBA macro development here.

Access VBA

Access is a very fast development tool. Whether you use .mdb files for storing the data or SQL Server, Access is very fast at developing solutions for your business. If you have need for an application with a lot of data to store and manipulate give us a call.

More on Access VBA macro development here.

Word VBA

Microsoft Word is a very powerful word processor. With Word VBA it's easy to import or export data to or from other applications or databases. So if you need your reports automated, call us.

More on Word VBA macro development here.

If you need a more robust solution that needs to be rolled out to a lot of users, then we can convert VBA to VB add-ins.

It's more of a question of "What do I want to do?: rather than
"What can I do?"

For larger development projects, ACE Project Systems has a number of partners that can provide extra workforce and complimentary skills if required.