VBA Sample - PERT Analysis

This macro restores the PERT macro removed from Project 2010. But wait, there's more! It also lets you change the PERT factors so you can have a 1:4:2 ratio so giving more weight to the Pessimistic values as projects more easily lose time, than save it.

The macro also pre-fills all Optimistic, Most Likely and Pessimistic values using percentages you can change. So by default Optimistic values are 50% of the current Duration, Most Likely 100% and Pessimistic 200%. You can manually change the default values as required. Calculate PERT then calculates based on the factors you provide and stores the predicted value in a new column. Once happy another button click copies the PERT durations to the Duration column and stores the original values so they can be restored if needed.

Click Here to download a Project file with the macro in it (its free).

Before opening the project file, make sure you enable VBA macros. To do this in Project:

  1. Select File, Options, Trust Center
  2. In the Trust Center click the Trust Center settings button
  3. Select enable all macros. If your organization has one, you can add a security certificate and then reduce the level of macro security if wanted.

This macro is Copyright ACE Project Systems Ltd 2016.
Anyone is free to use this macro for personal use only and not sell it on.

If there are problems with the macro, please email.

Custom VBA Development

If you would like a custom version of the macro, or any other macro created for you then please contact us by clicking VBA Development. We can usually provide a fixed price to develop your macro.


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