Project Management for Today

Project Management is changing and evolving faster now than it ever has before. Why? Because the Internet is supporting collaboration and sharing of new ideas and their success (or otherwise) almost daily.

Project Management for Today - the Common Sense Approach is a Project Management training course that just makes sense! Based on Rod Gill's extensive project management and training experience, this course heavily focusses on the 20% of effort for 80% of results and has a "what will make this project successful?" streak through all material.

ACE Project Systems is dedicated to providing up to date training that takes advantage of the latest research and practices from around the world. Instead of using just one framework or set of practices, we focus on whatever best fits the 20% of effort for 80% of results in Project Management.

What's the most popular game in Project Management? Getting the wrong thing right!

So how do you get the right things right? Setting a project up so there are clear goals that define what will make it successful is a vital start. Following that up with a clear description of how the project will be successfully delivered and progress towards that success is equally important.

A vital step is getting the right project sponsor as the project is done for the sponsor. Without a fully involved sponsor, no project can be entirely successful.

Our project management training focuses on getting the right things right. This starts with a great Business Case. Co-incidentally it finishes with the Business Case as it doesn't get completed until there is a measurement of just how successful the project is.

Finally change control that makes sure the original success criteria are not lost and helps the project evolve to meet changing business environments supports the best possible success.

Project Management for Today is a 2 day course.

This course can be customised to suit any particular needs you have.