Access VBA Macro Development

All Microsoft Office applications have a macro language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA can be used for many things: adding functionality, manipulating data, reading and writing to a database and much more.

Access VBA

Access is a very fast development tool. Whether you use .mdb files for storing the data or SQL Server, Access is very fast at developing solutions for your business. If you have need for an application with a lot of data to store and manipulate give us a call.

Access is one of the fastest and most productive development environments. Access can be either a front end for Access .mdb database files, or a front end for SQL Server based solutions. ACE Project Systems does both.

Development Goals

Many people can "put together a database solution", but we aim to create:

  • A database structure that minimises or eliminates duplicated data so that data updates are easy and accurate with no copies of old data left behind (unless wanted).
  • A database structure that can scale up to meet your future needs.
  • A database solution that is quick, easy and cheap to maintain and support.
  • A solution that is easy to use, easy and cheap to maintain and support.
  • A solution that can be developed in phases and implemented in parts so that the final solution can evolve to meet evolving business needs.

If you need a more robust solution that needs to be rolled out to a lot of users, then we can convert VBA to VB add-ins.

It's more of a question of "What do I want to do?" rather than "What can I do?"