Word VBA Macro Development

All Microsoft Office applications have a macro language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA can be used for many things: adding functionality, manipulating data, reading and writing to a database and much more.

Word VBA

Word is the most commonly used word processor in the world, but is often woefully under used. Word VBA is a powerful tool for automating the creation and formatting of documents using information in databases or toher Office documents.

Reasons for Word VBA development

  • You have a weekly report with a standard format and most of the information for each week is already in a database or another Office program such as Project, Excel or Access. A Word VBA macro can import data from many sources and automatically fill in most of your report leaving you with only comments to enter.
  • You want to standardise letters to customers and the application you work with already has a Customer number. A Word VBA macro can use the Customer Number to read contact details from your database and pre-fill much of the data your letter needs all at the click of a button.

By making full use of Templates, Bookmarks and Styles VBA can create documents that continue to work, even if documents are edited by users.

If you need a more robust solution that needs to be rolled out to a lot of users, then we can convert VBA to VB add-ins.

It's more of a question of "What do I want to do?" rather than
"What can I do?"