Microsoft Project Advanced Class

Microsoft Project is the best tool for scheduling projects. However, it is not without its problems. Happily most problems with using Microsoft Project stem from a lack of knowledge of how Microsoft Project works, or just plain lack of scheduling knowledge.

Learn how to get really great results from Microsoft Project using the same or less effort than you do now, from a professional scheduler/planner who is also an expert Microsoft Project user and trainer.

If the Business case describes what will make a project successful and why it should go ahead, then schedules must communicate how the project will be successfuly completed. Good schedules are an essential part of good project governance and control. So, as a good project manager, you need to make maximum use of your main information tool: Microsoft Project.

Standard courses are great at teaching you to use features for a product, but the trainers are rarely skilled and experienced in actually using the tool. The Microsoft Project Master Class takes Project Users who know all the material in typical 2 day Project courses and takes your use of Project to the next level. The more experience you have before taking the course, the more you will learn. The course teaches:

  • How to solve common scheduling problems
  • You how to get a lot more out of Microsoft Project for less effort
  • How to schedule Time critical projects
  • How to schedule Resource constrained projects
  • A highly productive structure for your schedules that turns them into powerful communication tools
  • Assigning and editing Resources easily and accurately for little effort
  • Reporting on multiple projects
  • How to make Critical paths accurate, useful, meaningful and visible
  • How to slice and dice your project information in Microsoft Project for effective reporting
  • Accurate and Easy ways to track your schedules
  • Introduction to Automated project reporting

Be sure to create a list of questions when using Project before the course and if you have a schedule you need help with, bring it to the course.